JIMMY´Z, the German top Startup presents: Stunning Design. Revolutionary Capsule System. Battery Powered. Toxin Free. Just Insert the capsule, push the start-button and enjoy.

Break-resistant acrylic glas
Custom Microprocessor
Custom Hose

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With the one touch tobacco free electronic Shisha, Jimmy’z have developed the cleanest, easiest way to enjoy traditional hookah.

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The market for electronic smokeables is showing little sign of slowing down, so the 'JIMMY'Z' Shisha electronic hookah comes as an innovative next step.

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Jimmy’z Shisha features a stunning design and it is also exceptionally easy to use! Apart from looking awesome, the Shisha works with a never before-seen capsule system.

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Smoking Shisha is now an easy 3 Step process. You´re ready to smoke in less than 5 minutes.

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Insert the Capsule

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Push the Start Button

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Enjoy your Shisha!


Rechargeable Battery

Our New Shisha is powered by a high-quality battery that gives you up to 5 hours of continuous enjoyment.

Capsule System

Preparing the Shisha and changing the flavor made easy. Simply open the bottom, insert the capsule and go.

Heating Module

No more coals necessary. Our custom heating module brings the capsule to the perfect temperature within 5 minutes.

Brushed Aluminium Body

To protect the inside of our shisha, we only use aircraft grade, brushed and anodized aluminium.

Recharge+ Formula

The combination of Matcha and Caffeine provides a nice gentle kick when you smoke our capsules. 100% Nicotine Free!

Custom Circuit Board

Inside of the JIMMY´Z Shisha, a custom processor controls and adjusts the temperature to ensure the perfect shisha experience.

Our Promise

Made in Germany

In order to ensure the quality of our new Shisha and the manufacturing process, we see no alternative to this.

Hand Crafted

Each Shisha is individually hand crafted by special engineers in our production facility in Germany.

Quality Assurance

A final checkup with a 42 point checklist is performed on each shisha at the end of production by one of our supervisors. Furthermore, the signed checklist comes enclosed with every product.

JIMMY´Z Support

Encounter a problem with your shisha? Our team of JIMMY´Z specialist is there to help you with any issue.

2 Year Warranty

Because we are so convinced of our products quality, we are putting a two year limited warranty on top of it!

Worldwide Shipping

We send our Shisha and capsules to you wherever you need them. Whether you live in the Outback of Australia or the Mojave Desert, you will never run out of JIMMY´Z.

Our Magic Capsules

Pure Aluminum, filled with Steam Stones that are soaked in Shisha Juice. The essence of our Revolution.

Sealed for Freshness
Contain flavored steam-stones
Five Bold Flavors
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Our Flavors

Because we don´t use tobacco, all of our flavors are nicotine free. Instead, Recharge+ is providing the energy kick you might miss from regular shisha tobacco. We are currently offering five flavors for our new shisha. However, 10 more are currently in development. All of them are based on music genres. There is club, which is a mixture of lime and mint. Then we have soul, which combines different creamy berries. Classic has a bold flavor of apple while Rock is bursting with cherry flavor. Last but not least, lounge is made for a relaxed evening with vanilla and chocolate.

Technical Details


Height: 34,5 cm
Diameter: 8 cm Weight: 1.5 kg


CPU - Processor Unit
8 Li/Io batteries
7.4 Volt

Battery Life

Up to 6 hours
depending on usage


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If any of your questions remain unanswered, contact us at: info@meet-jimmyz.com

How do I know when to recharge my JIMMY´Z Shisha?

The Li-Ion battery in our JIMMY´Z Shisha lasts for up to six hours of smoking. When you are running on low battery, the LED behind the Start Button will indicate that you need to charge the new Shisha. Charging it only takes about one hour.

What exactly is Recharge+ ?

Recharge+ is our secret formula of active ingredients. You can find it in all of our Shisha Capsules. It is a mixture of caffeine and Japanese matcha. Recharge+ does not affect the flavor of the capsules but the impact they have on the body. It releases a steady stream of relaxed energy that gives you the perfect boost while you are smoking.

How long do the JIMMY´Z Capsules last?

This depends on how many friends are smoking with you. One single capsule can last for up to an hour. The new shisha will be ready to smoke within five minutes after you press the Power-Button.

What about the Toxins you can find in a normal Shisha

Nicotine: We don´t add any Nicotine to our capsules!
Tar: As our capsules are filled with steam-stones instead of tobacco, there is no tar being inhaled.
Carbon-Monoxide: JIMMY´Z Shisha doesn´t use charcoal to heat the capsules, therefore eliminates-the carbon monoxide from that source.

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Where can you get our Capsules?

To ensure the worldwide availability of our capsules, we partnered with Amazon to sell them through their platform. You will also be able to benefit from the "Prime" Service when buying them through Amazon.
For all countries in which Amazon is not yet available, we will offer the purchase through our own platform:


We are not just a team of shisha-enthusiasts. Our different backgrounds allowed us to bring individual skills into this project. Only this allowed us to create something so revolutionary.

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Klaus Hagen

Founder and CEO
Klaus has worked in several senior positions in one of the top 4 Big Tobacco Companies where he also lead a Next Generation Products Unit.

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Jürgen Gerdes

Chief of Developement
Jürgen has worked in the industry almost all his life. He delivers the connections and know how to perfect the project.

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Meerim Hagen

Chief of Marketing
Meerim studied Marketing and Design. She helps us identify the right markets and then bring the JIMMY´Z Revolution to them!

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Mathis Jama

Chief of Consumer Experience
Mathis knows exactly how to forge our products and campaign into the awesome experience that you, the consumers, want.



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